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Cancer Health

Common Signs of Lung Cancer

Every year about 1.3 million individuals die from cancer of the lung. Fortunately, however, cancer of the lung isn’t always fatal and lots of folks do live long, healthful lives after diagnosis. The sooner that an individual is diagnosed, the better their prognosis. People that are diagnosed with cancer of the lung early are in 50% more chances of living than those that are diagnosed following metastasis has happened. Read on to learn what to be on the look out for in order to diagnose cancer of the lung before it’s too late. There are an assortment of many reasons that someone could be experiencing difficulty breathing or wheezing.

Hand & Finger Pain and Fatigue

Two more warning signs of lung cancer are fatigue and pain in the fingers/hands. Another indicator when it comes to the hands is the thickening of the palms and the whitening of the skin and development of distinct folds of the skin. The technical term for this is “tripe palms” since it has a similar appearance to tripe, the lining of animal stomachs. This condition is actually much more common with stomach cancer than it is with lung cancer (35 percent versus 11 percent). The reason behind this condition is that the cancer disrupts the way that the body can conduct normal bodily functions. More specifically, the skin of the palms become hyper stimulated, which results in their proliferation and the build-up of white skin that is thick and scaly.