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6 Telltale Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is without a doubt probably the most typical diseases in the US. In accordance with the American Diabetes mellitus Association, almost 10 percent of People in America suffer diabetes. Consequently, it’s very important to know about what the possible warning signals have the disease. Many times, before developing full blown diabetes mellitus, a lot of men and women experience what’s known as prediabetes, which happens when a person’s fasting blood sugar levels are elevated, but within an array which aren’t elevated enough to justify a diagnosis of diabetes. The American Diabetes mellitus Association states that this condition was discovered in more than 85 million Americans 20 years or older in 2012, which is a frightening increase from the statistics of less than 80 million Americans, that was the case only 2 years before.

Keep on reading to learn about the six most common symptoms of prediabetes.

Darkened Skin

Probably the most typical indications that you’re at risk of developing diabetes would be darkened skin, especially in the regions of the neck and joints, which is known as acanthosis nigricans. In addition look out for whether the skin is thicker than the skin in surrounding areas. Another cause of darkening and thickening of the skin is the existence of a cancerous tumor. Consequently, either way, we’d suggest that you see your physician to get it checked out. Though not a health condition per se, a lack of physical action like little to no exercise may increase your risk of being prediabetic.